June 14, 2024


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“I can't play the game anymore”

“I can't play the game anymore”

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Trymacs explains in the stream why gaming is no longer fun. Every match is now so competitive that casual players won't stand a chance.

HAMBURG – Are casual games dead? Trymacs represents this view. On Twitch, the German streamer explained why gaming is no longer fun. He believes that casual gamers in particular no longer stand a chance in gaming today. If you don't put everything into the game, you won't have a chance anymore.

Trymacs on gaming: “You have to commit everything to the game”

Today's gaming problem: In his live stream, Trymacs gave a short real talk about gaming. His focus was on the fact that these days you have no chance as a regular player and the whole thing is no longer fun. In this regard, he said the following words:

Play the console on the weekend. From the couch, lying down, relaxing, two or three rounds of group play – that's not possible today! You have to commit to everything in the game. […] You're not allowed to play the game at all, just practice. […] There is no longer an ordinary player in any match. […] You can no longer play a game other than a regular game.

Trymacs with Realtalk about games: “You can't play a game anymore” © twitter.com/ EliasN97/ ingame.de (montage)

He also explained that today you have to practice a game for several months before you can start playing. Below in the video you can see his full statement on the topic and the list of games most affected by the problem:

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With a statement like that, it's no surprise that Trymacs much prefers creating interactive content these days. But even then he reaches his limits from time to time: he breaks his back during “Bulletproof: The Challenge” – Trymacs can barely watch it

Trymacs isn't the only one – TikTok users have the same opinion

This is what the comments say: And in the TikTok video, many seem to have the same opinion. Clearly, Trymacs isn't the only one who no longer enjoys gaming. For this reason, many users recommended single-player games:

  • Bananarama commented:That's why I love playing single player games
  • It's just how it really isHpsboyyt agreed
  • Robert recommends: “Just play story games

Are casual games really dead? The new shooter is definitely trying to change that. In XDefiant there is no longer any skill matchmaking and can activate casual games. Plus, it's free for everyone: XDefiant: Release – Maps, game modes and factions at launch