June 23, 2024


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Hawaii's own semiconductor plant is expected to be operational by 2022

Hawaii’s own semiconductor plant is expected to be operational by 2022

After the US embargo came into force last year, Chinese company Hawaii lost access to DSMC’s manufacturing facilities, but at the same time, the leaders of the first company are expected to ask for promises to retain High Silicon’s development team. Sources say that a company will start operations in Wuhan in 2022, where Hawaii will independently manufacture components for networking tools.

Image Source: DSMC

Related information was distributed by the Digi Times on Friday, but most of it was only available to subscribers. Sparrows News has a little more detail about this story. According to Hawaii Technologies, the Wuhan facility is the first in the company to be able to process silicon scales at home. Until now, this functionality has been outsourced to third-party manufacturers.

As the source explains, Wuhan will initially develop digital signal processors for communication devices over fiber-optic data transfer networks. This type of product does not require modern lithography, which makes the task a little easier for the Hawaiian company. The Chinese company has been maintaining a research center in Wuhan for many years, developing handles for telecommunications technology, hicilicon processors and automotive pilot systems. From next year the center will be working closely with the new Hawaii initiative.

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