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Normandy: The discovery of a prehistoric cave is subject to debate

Normandy: The discovery of a prehistoric cave is subject to debate

This is a beautiful discovery made by archaeologists Normandy… if it is confirmed. The Hot-Normandy Archaeological Research Center announced in an article last May “A new cave has been discovered in eastern Normandy with numerous carvings from the Assyrian that lasted between 12,000 and 10,000 years for our era.”. But, the newspaper reveals Point, Many archaeologists are skeptical.

From Rock carving, The authors of the article pointed out that they have identified animal representations such as horses, mammoths, lions, deer or salmon. There were chevron designs and human figures like faces, portraits or headless women.

“With this site, The Normandy Enriched with a new ornate cave … this is an additional example of the artistic expressions of the final Upper Paleolithic. “, Confirmed the Jew-Pierre Watte and Cave Discoverers and the authors of the article published in the review by spellologist Jean-Claude Stigray and the Archaeological Research Center of Hot-Normandy.

The site, whose exact location has not been communicated, is currently being evaluated. The investigation will be led by Jean-Michel Geneste, a former heritage observer and former director of the Prehistoric National Center. While waiting for the results of his investigations, archaeologists are skeptical of the truth of this “discovery”. “The clichளின்s of the rock carvings I saw did not allow me to confirm that they actually came from a human hand”, So told the newspaper Point Prehistoric Boris Valentine, professor at Sorbonne. Instead, he says he sees badger scratches. If another archaeologist wants to remain anonymous, he told the newspaper that “there is something fishy in the way the inventors planned for their communication”. To be continued …

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