July 20, 2024


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Cyberbunk 2077 – CD Project Performance Satisfactory

Cyberbunk 2077 – CD Project Performance Satisfactory

With Recent link too Cyberpunk 2077 The CD project now looks at a satisfactory level in terms of game-based performance. But it had to leave a lot of feathers.

This is what CEO Adam Kissiski said on WSE Discovery Day (Via), The Cyberpunk 2077 So look at a point where you can focus your attention on other areas, i.e. new content and the next gen version coming later this year.

“We have reached a satisfactory position here,” Kissiski says. “We have been working on improving the overall quality, of which we are very pleased. Of course, we have removed bugs and visual errors and will continue to do so. Over time, we will also introduce improvements to the general game settings highlighted by the players.”

After all, you can trust Sony Cyberpunk 2077 Return to PlayStation Store PS4 site release with caution though. It is not yet known how this has affected sales figures, as only milestones will be announced according to the CD project.

Cyberbunk 2077 im performance test

How good you are Cyberpunk 2077 In fact, there is the digital foundry Patch 1.23 was usedThose who talk about less downtime, a frame rate that is often maintained, but still bugs and significant improvements including fewer NPCs, which can be detrimental to the overall atmosphere. However, the latest improvements are seen as a benefit in the last gen consoles, it says.

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