November 26, 2022


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Microsoft launches Android applications for Windows 11 through Amazon's App Store

Microsoft launches Android applications for Windows 11 through Amazon’s App Store

Applications will be listed in the new Windows Store, and they can be added to the taskbar or replaced with traditional Windows applications. Microsoft makes this a reality by using its ‘Intel Bridge’ technology with Intel, although Android applications still work with AMD and hand-based systems.

Android apps on Windows 11 are the obvious answer to the improvement with Apple’s M1 chips and iOS apps running on MacOS. While there are many web equivalents for mobile apps, they are often sluggish, and with some apps like Snapshot, Ring, Venmo and Rumba, most home automation apps are not available on the web.

So Microsoft is now bringing Android applications to Windows 11. The software company unveiled its surprising addition to Windows 11 during its Windows special event last week. Android apps run by default on Windows 11 and can be downloaded from the Amazon App Store through the new Windows Store included with the operating system.

The Windows Store featured by Microsoft then includes Ring, Yahoo, Uber and more, and we’ll see full access to Amazon’s App Store. Support for Microsoft Intel Bridge Technology It is not immediately clear how Android applications will be supported with Windows 11, as Microsoft is enhancing support for Intel Bridge technology via the option to run those applications.

This amazing announcement follows Microsoft’s original plans to allow Windows developers to rework their current Android applications
Windows in 2015.

Project Astoria, as Microsoft named it, is a way to persuade developers to port applications and make them easier to run. A year later, the project failed, and Microsoft acknowledged that it “did not need to have two advanced technologies and bring the mobile operating system code to Windows.” ”

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Microsoft has been ‘toying’ with the idea of ​​running Android apps on Windows for years, and the company has been experimenting with the idea of ​​offering Android apps in the Windows Store before the release of Windows 10. Instead, now, Microsoft is trying to convince developers to accept its failed Universal Windows operating system.

Integrating the Android app directly into Windows is a significant change, especially as the company wants its phone as a way to bridge the gap between Android and Windows. Microsoft has been adopting Android as the mobile version of Windows for many years, and now the same mobile applications running directly on Windows 11

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