January 25, 2022


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Genuine Materials enhances its green materials using Roctool Technology

The company specialized in Design and production of innovative materials from untapped natural material deposits Roctool has chosen molding technology to enhance its offering and better meet the expectations of luxury homes in search of environmentally friendly solutions.

original materials It recycles animal, plant or mineral materials from its customers and recycles them into new, specially designed materials, which are then incorporated back into their production. in a circular ring original materials Returns the value of these natural materials resulting from quality deviations from production workshops or from unused stocks. Then brands use it for many applications: packaging, leather goods, accessories, etc. Among the practices called Authentic Material: natural endogenous resources.

Manufacturing in progress

end of 2019, original materials Raise funds for the latest technology, and start the manufacturing process. together, original materials and Roctool, equipment specific to the needs of the Toulouse community: a unique thermopressure platform, dedicated to the production of very natural materials, respectively.

« This first phase of industrialization, which was a very complex project, undertaken during the turbulent period of the health crisis, taught us a lot. These observations are very useful to us in view of our continuing industrial proliferation. ‘, explains Vincent Meany, President original materials.

By heating by induction and then cooling the plastic packaging mould very quickly, Roctool technology facilitates the production of premium parts with thin walls, with excellent surface qualities, glossy, matte or textured, thus bypassing the need for secondary decoration steps.

« Through this synergy, Roctool is expanding its strategy to diversify towards the use of its process in composites and especially high quality bio-based materials. This project is for our two companies, a way to increase our skills by pooling our own R&D resources. Thus we will be able to increase the potential of future materials and offer new, more effective solutions to the designers of tomorrow. ”, explains Matthew Boulanger, CEO of Roctool.

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