October 1, 2022


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Ford tests automatic charging stations

With the help of a robotic arm, Ford wants to automatically refuel vehicles. (Photo: Ford)

The technology could allow people to stay in the car while charging. current Survey by the Research Institute for Disabled Consumers (RIDC) In Great Britain, 61 per cent of people with physical disabilities will choose their electric car only Determines whether the download process will be unobstructed.

The automatic loading system has already been tested as part of a research project and is now being tested in real situations for the first time. After the system is activated, the shaft cover opens and the loading lever moves toward the connector on the vehicle with the help of a small cam. Customers can monitor their shipment status through the FordPass app. After a successful loading, the system’s robotic arm retracts again.

In the future, the charging station developed by the University of Dortmund can be used in parking spaces for the disabled and ordinary people or in private homes. According to Ford, another potential application is the company’s fleet charging, and in the future, autonomous road guidance of the vehicle could be supplemented with an automated charging solution.

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