August 15, 2022


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FC 08 Villingen, Oberliga: kick-off: zero eight ready for Freiburg FC – Football

“We can’t let this strong, cheerful team have any enthusiasm for the game,” says Marcel Yehiagan of Freiburger. Photo: Ebner

FC 08 Villingen’s goal for this season is to play at the front for as long as possible. A home win in the opening derby against Freiburger FC (Friday, 7:30 p.m.) under the floodlights at MS Technologie Arena is indeed a must.

“It’s the official opening match of the Uberliga, as well as the derby,” said 08 coach Marcel Yehiagan, assuming a “fantastic evening of football” in Fredengrund at home. “But the result of course has to be correct,” the 30-year-old is aiming for the first three points as he reaches the target lead.

This is what Marcel Yehiagan says

The mood in the 80s couldn’t have been much better. Preparation (“It went well, we’re ready”), rehearsal (6-0 win over SBFV Cup at Radolfzell) or personnel options (“All players should be available to me, as Niko Tadic recently trained again”): Marcel Yehiagan is optimistic that his comrades will clear the first hurdle in the new round. However, coach Villingen does not underestimate the people from Breisgau. This is not because the Football Association won 3-2 in a friendly match against FC 08 on July 12th. “At that time I used 21 players”, the game at that time was a model without much value. But Marcel Yehiagan knows: “We can’t let this terrifyingly strong team have any enthusiasm for the game, so we have to be toxic from the start,” the zero-eights want to quickly buy the nerve from the young Freiburgers with a win. duels.

This is what Benjamin Fahler says

Benjamin Fahler, the new coach of the federation, is calculating something in the derby. “On a good day we can beat any Oberliga opponent. But the eight-zero have a lot of tactical options, especially in attack,” the 38-year-old knows a more consistent performance would be necessary to upset compared to the most recent cup match. The German heroes of 1907 had to tremble for a long time until 7:3 victory after extra time at SV Au-Wittnau It has been concluded. “Au shot three times on goal – and we were 1:3 behind. But then just the mentality wasn’t right,” the former Offenburger FV coach predicts his young team at Friedengrund are throwing their footballing qualities into the balance. “That’s our goal,” Wahler still has to think about how to replace striker Ali Ibrahim (for special reasons) and defender Lucas Bohreau (meniscus injury).

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Wild Wings, Bayern and Wincent Weiss

Both coaches are now hopeful that the official league opener (Marcel yells: “That’s the case, although three games start at 7 p.m. on Friday”) will not be affected by the thunderstorms announced on Friday. By the way, the owners of eight zeros did not want to make any predictions when it came to spectators. This will be due to the public snowboard training session at the Schwenninger Wild Wings, the Bayern Bundesliga game in Frankfurt and the Wincent Weiss concert at the Southwest Printing Center. All of these events also take place on Friday evening.

Possible lineup

FC 08 Villingen: Klose-Ovka, Bossam, Chiurazi-Albrecht, Ceylon, Hirtrich, Aleuksha, Suttner-Diakiti, Fullon.

The opponent celebrates 115 years ago and for seven days

Freiburger FC is the only first division club in Baden-Württemberg that can look back on a German championship in its history.

But winning the title was 115 years ago. It was 1907 when football was still in its infancy in Germany. People from Bresgau fought their way to the final over several rounds of the tournament. It started with the league matches against Strasbourg and FC Mulhausen. Freiburger FC has won four times and been county champions. The track continued through the Provincial Championships and the Southern German Championships. In the semi-finals of the German Championships, he defeated VfB Leipzig by a narrow 3-2 in Nuremberg.

Then the final took place at “Stadion am Kanal” in Frankenthal in front of 3000 spectators against FC Viktoria 1899 Berlin. Freiburg won 3-1. After that, seven days of noisy festivities were held in Freiburg. There were no rewards, but at least the drinks were free for the successful kickers, historians report.

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