March 2, 2024


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Brazil continues to swing in matches and will not have an easy ending, whether against Argentina or Colombia | PVC Blog

Brazil still deserves the title of a strong team. And still it does not deserve to be treated as brilliant, because it is not. The fluctuations within matches are becoming more frequent and the gap between the first half, with seven serves against Peru, and the second, with just one shot on goal, shows that.

Fifteen were submitted in total, only three from outside the region. In other words, Brazil invades rival territory, as they did with Neymar, in the play in which they provided their thirteenth pass into goal after the World Cup. Team ace, number 10 shirt, Neymardependência… Brazil depends on Neymar as much as Argentina depends on Messi. France does not depend much on Mbappe and is eliminated from the European Cup. Belgium depends on De Bruyne and is off the field too.

Lucas Paqueta was summoned by Tite after he injured Philippe Coutinho

It is better to rely on Neymar than on Sterling, although England are showing that it is more important not to concede goals and to have a good squad. Brazil does. Neymar also positioned himself as a leader and it was good to see his interviews talking about the games as well as the difficulties they are facing.

Let’s say the tournament finals weren’t easy games at all.