June 18, 2024


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A new indie game that combines Civilization and Slay the Spire

A new indie game that combines Civilization and Slay the Spire

With titles like Old World and Humankind, the 4X strategy genre is seeing something of a second spring. In order to survive the tough competition from Civilization clones, the developer of new indie game Rogue Hex has come up with a special twist: it combines classic Civ gameplay with roguelike elements from titles like Slay The Spire.

The free demo is already available, and the early access release is in Q4 2024

Rogue Hex initially follows the basic principles of 4X strategy: we build settlements on a map using hexagons, use the environment to our advantage and expand our area of ​​control. However, each of our settlements generates certain resources each round which we have to use immediately. If you don't use a resource in the round, you lose it. We perform our actions based on the cards we used to assemble our deck. By collecting Science Points, we research new technologies and unlock additional cards for our collection. We also get new cards by achieving certain achievements.

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