So here it is at last! Not the Switch Pro, but Nintendo just launched a new Nintendo Switch. under name Nintendo Switch OLEDThe model, the new variant offers a dense color screen, which is also slightly larger than the regular Nintendo Switch: 7 inches instead of 6.2 inches. Two color variants were offered, the classic red and blue version and the white model with black accents.

In addition to the screen – which has a noticeably narrower bezel – the stand has been adapted. This now extends over the entire back of the device and is therefore much wider and more stable. A new dock is also included, which for the first time also has a LAN connection for a more stable internet connection.

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The larger screen looks very promising.

As a special feature, Nintendo has given the new OLED version twice the internal memory. So in the future you will have 64 GB of available space instead of just 32 GB. This can of course also be expanded with a microSD card. By the way, according to Nintendo, the previous JoyCons are fully compatible with the new device and can also be used from the Nintendo Switch OLED.

The Nintendo Switch OLED should be available from October 8, 2021. Interested parties can visit Nintendo eShop Register for more information. If you want to pre-order a Nintendo Switch OLED, you have to be patient – registration is not a pre-order with which you can secure your version.

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