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Featured Adventure: Leisure Suit Larry in Anniversary Sale

Not even younger: Our friend Larry Laver celebrates his birthday with a sexy sale. Source: Assemble Entertainment

“Welcome. My name is Larry. Larry Laver,” it was with this greeting that the legendary bachelor started the world of computer games 34 years ago. It was July 5, 1987 when I was with Larry Leisure Suit in the Land of Lizards The iconic adventure series celebrated its birth.

The main person in charge of the game is Al Lowe, a multi-skilled player, game designer, and Joker. As an avid saxophonist, it was he who contributed the catchy melody of the first part, which old fans may still call today.

At the time, Leisure Sweet Larry was considered an absolute scandal due to his sexual innuendo. Slippery fun was also emphasized by a graphic display (at that time it was still in the best EGA 16-color graphics – if you had a color screen), which at that time presented an indecent amount of flesh-colored pixels. unheard of!

Larry Leisure Suit 1
Leisure Suit Larry 1: Thus began the adventure of the man in the white leisure suit.

The notorious little adventure, which somehow did not show anything in the end, was able to win many players. So over the years a number of follow-up titles have appeared, with parts 1-7 until 1996 (Larry’s Leisure Suit 4 was not released) and most importantly, where Al Lowe was heavily involved. There were some bad slips later on when the franchise was changed hands several times and shady attempts were made to revive.

Fortunately, this has changed again since 2013 with a good new version of Part One within Replay Games. In 2018, Assemble Entertainment took over, which brought Larry back to life (and tried really hard) with a successful Kickstarter campaign. Two new Larry games have appeared Larry Leisure Suit: Wet Dreams Don’t Dry Out And the Larry Sweet Larry: Wet Dreams Twice Dry.

anniversary sale

To celebrate the day, all parts of Larry are especially cheap on Steam. So if you want to easily relive or relive the adventures of the daredevil daredevil, this is the time.

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The entire Leisure Suit Larry game bundle is available at 70% off. here it is Steam . Show

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