November 26, 2022


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New claims indicate that the game will not be released for several years

It seems like we’ve been hearing about it every day lately, but the last noise is in the hall GTA 6 It does not come from anyone. Last week, popular leaker Tom Henderson said that the Rockstar game won’t be released until 2024, at the earliest, and to give that statement a little more weight, Jason Schreyer from Bloomberg Come to confirm all this.

Insiders in tune

While asked on Twitter if any of his previous predictions regarding the launch of GTA 6 In 2023 was a mistake after the Henderson report, a Bloomberg reporter replies:

« I don’t know why everyone thought I said GTA VI would be released in 2023. Everything Henderson said about the game is consistent with what I’ve heard. »

He then clarified that while he can’t confirm everything Henderson explains in his video about the game, he can nonetheless say the project isn’t finished yet, while also confirming the game’s evolving map story:

« I don’t know, I didn’t see everything but him [GTA 6] It’s still in the early stages of development, and it has a scalable map (which I already mentioned last year. »

VGC He also confirms all this on his part, having heard about the same indications. you would understand that, GTA 6 We probably won’t see the light before 2024, or even 2025, although we should be careful with these statements.

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