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Apple: Max and iPods should not be combined

Apple: Max and iPods should not be combined

Apple insists there are no plans to connect iPods and Macs – or iPods and MacOS. Speculations about the merger of the two sites did not agree with reality, two Apple managers now insisted in an interview. Instead, they want to continue to work on delivering the best products in their respective segments.

Apple controls devices artificially, so it is “very untrue” that they “do not step on each other’s feet,” said John Turns, Apple’s new head of hardware development. Compared to Freedom. Customers will select the appropriate category or use both for their own workflows. “There is no big conspiracy to eliminate both types and create one,” Apple’s marketing boss Greg Joswiak told the newspaper.

Apple does not want to question professional applications such as Xcode and Final Cut Pro, which are not yet found on the iPad. Tablets offer performance that has never been used before in practice, so in the Josviak interview. Third-party developers should also benefit from this, as devices with more “space for improvement” are more durable and will not become obsolete when purchased.

There have been speculations about merging MacOS and iOS for years, but such a plan has so far been clearly rejected by Apple, claiming that the operating systems have not been leaked.

More from Mac & I.

More from Mac & I.

At the same time, iPods and Macs have become closer together in recent months than ever before: iPods now support extensive functionality with a mouse, trackpad and hardware keyboard. The new iPad Pro now features Apple’s M1 chip, which has already made significant improvements in performance on the first Mac. With the chip, Apple has simultaneously upgraded iPods with Thunderbolt support; Mac software, including important professional tools, is not yet available for the iPad. In contrast, unrepaired iPhone and iPad apps now run on ARM Macs, but do not have a touchscreen for optimal performance.

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