July 20, 2024


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Call of Duty: Warson gets new map

Call of Duty: Warson gets new map

One of the most famous war royals ever, “Call of Duty: Warson” is about to get the long-awaited new map.

If you are part of the largest group of orators of the genre Royal of WarMake sure the “Call of Duty: Warson” is in your view. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s well known free online gaming system is causing a stir in the world Gaming, For its graphic quality or epic moments.

However, if anything is missing in “Call of Duty: Warson”, it is the high availability of maps. This is because, since March last year (when the game was released), Verdansk has been the only stage for these adventures. However, that is about to change with the arrival of the third season.

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Verdansk 84 is the new “Call of Duty: Warson” map and newer Behind the stage For all your successes. Already available, there are 7 new locations on the redesigned map that merge with 5 locations, the structure of which was eventually redesigned. The group of new sites includes the Cora Summit, which modified the dam to the north of the map (based on the “Black Ops” multiplayer), the Quarry-occupied Grost salt mines, and Monolithic grid sequence.

In addition to the locations mentioned above, in the northwest corner of the map are the old tunnel, the aircraft factory in the center, the newer versions of the airport and the redesigned areas such as Vertonsk Stadium, as well as the city center. The Super Store, e Farm land. In short, although Verdansk 84 is familiar, it’s definitely not the place to play since the launch of “Call of Duty: Warson” last year.

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In addition to this excellent, you can also wait for new weapons collections, which promises to make your entire weapon more dangerous for everyone. If you are interested to know the complete list of messages, take a look Recent article to date, Published on the official website of the “Call of Duty”.

What did you think of the new map? Were you waiting for that? Leave in the comments.