August 16, 2022


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First opening of airtacks |  iGeneration

First opening of airtacks | iGeneration

Apple has released its AirTax online to many well-established YouTubers and journalists with their unboxing and first posts. Purple iPhone 12 is generously distributed (unfortunately not with us), we will get to that soon.

To sum up the words, they do not bring any expressions, but allow to see the object at hand (read Everything you need to know about the Apple AirTake tag). The airtake does not take up space, but in some wallets it would have been more reasonable to flatten it than it would have accumulated to slip, for example.

Its aluminum face is immediately scratched and the current parts do nothing because they are visible on this side.

Access to the battery to replace it (approximately one year of autonomy) is quick and easy, and it is a standard battery (CR2032) as Apple points out.

The configuration is done in the same way as airplanes, and you can connect up to 16 airtacks with Apple ID. The “Precise Location” function with the U1 chip on the iPhone 11 and 12 is effective up to 10m, with audible and visual indications to follow this direction. The speaker seems powerful enough for its size.

The airtake is close, but too far to give orientation to the U1 chip.
The direction to follow is also given

As we explained earlier, an Android smartphone with an NFC chip can be linked to the AirDec to display its webpage with its owner’s information, which is placed in Lost mode.

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