June 14, 2024


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The "Crew Dragon" capsule has arrived safely at the International Space Station

The “Crew Dragon” capsule has arrived safely at the International Space Station

You can find all of our live #PESQUET here

11:15 am. : Beautiful, thanks for this live !!!!!

11:15 am. : I shed a little tear in front of my screen … good job

11:16 : Hello T Eddin. As a first step, he should now check the capsule and volume, especially the electrical systems and above all, and make sure the two engines are properly connected to avoid air leakage into space. These are careful tests that illustrate this time frame. Follow our live.

11:14 : Hello, what happens in 2 hours between docking and hatch opening? Thanks.

11:10 p.m. : What is happening to these astronauts is awesome, amazing!

11 m.09 : This is what happens

11 m.09 : Awesome!

11 m.09 : The Crew Dragon capsule is now twenty meters away from the International Space Station. The pictures are interesting and follow Our live.

10 m.57 : La Capsule Crew Dragon de SpaceX Have Dock with Harmony Module Just minutes from the International Space Station. In this photo, the mooring port is indicated by a red arrow.

10 m.52 : Hello Ln29And. Yes, To be broadcast live on Mooring Francinefo (Channel 27). You can turn on your TV because we are approaching a critical moment (the capsule will have a dock at 11:10).

10 m.52 : Hello, is there docking in ISS broadcast on TV? Thanks

10 m.52 : Will Thomas Pesco’s docking on ISS be broadcast on France information?

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10m49 : What is the difference between Crew Dragon Capsule and Soyuz? ? There are many, but striking about photos is the difference in place in the first place Twitter account The Planetarium.

10m44 : Hello, great pictures On the site Now from NASA!

10m39 : Hello In Vince. Yes, you can follow Our live Chopping the capsule to the Harmony module at 11:10 am, as I pointed out a while ago. The event is broadcast Lives US Space Agency, Like a new arrival welcome ceremony (1:45 p.m.).

11 m.09 : Is “Crew Dragon 2” live for ISS? If so, at what time? Thanks !

09 m34 : To understand everything about how to get to the capsule module, here A good chart Of the European Space Agency.

09 h 27 : Hello am Mamilo. SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Capsule is scheduled to arrive with the Harmony module at 5:10 a.m. Eastern time (11:10 am KST). The event will be broadcast live by the US space agency and will be followed live. At 1:45 p.m., a reception will be held Thomas Baskett And other newcomers.

09 h 24 : Please what is the connection with ISS? Thanks

09 h12 : At nine o’clock, let’s start with an update on the news:

Health U.S. Health Officers dTheir green light When the vaccine resumed with Johnson & Johnson vaccine in the United States, it was discontinued on April 13 after the rare occurrence of thrombosis.

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• One Man Stabbed Before a police officer is shot dead at Rampolet (Yew Lines) police station. The anti-terrorism case is under investigation.

Four astronauts, Including French Thomas Baskett, Departed for the International Space Station yesterday morning, and are scheduled to arrive this morning.

The mother of little Mia, who was handed over to France this morning, has been remanded in pre-trial custody on charges of “kidnapping a little girl by an organized gang”. Franchise Traces Conspiracy drift Lola Montemaki scored.

Announces that the Russian opponent is Alexei Navalny With paddle Following the advice of his doctors, who feared for his life, he was detained for more than three weeks on a hunger strike.