May 20, 2024


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Vídeo: Privacidade

Apple Details New iOS 15 Privacy Features –

A Apple Given, when WWDC21, A few messages on privacy and security iOS/IPod 15 That’s it macOS Montessori12, We have already included many of them on the site here.

To highlight (and demonstrate) the news, the company today released a new video on its British YouTube channel featuring the CEO Tim Cook And Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federky, Among other executives.

In the video, the company highlights News iCloud +, Will introduce features like this Mail privacy protection, Oh Hide my email That’s it Private relay (base Cloudflare Warp, Which is noteworthy).

They also commented on the prevention of intelligence surveillance Do Safari iOS 15 does not, A feature that ensures that your IP address is not shared with websites, preventing them from tracking you.

News about Shri Included were highlighted Voice recognition on the device – This not only eliminates the need for an Internet connection for some commands, but also executes requests more quickly.

At the end of the video, Cook said that the new privacy features are part of a “long series of innovations” and that Apple’s commitment is to “give users a choice in how their data is used”.

These excellent privacy features are the latest in a series of innovations made by our teams to improve transparency and keep users in control of their data. These features can help give people peace of mind, strengthen that control, and give you the freedom to use your technology without worrying about who is watching over your shoulder. At Apple, we are committed to choosing how users’ data is used and to creating privacy and security for everything we do.

It was noticeable yesterday, We commented on another video with Apple executives, In which they highlighted the new privacy and security aspects of emerging organizations.

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