June 13, 2024


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Enjoy five classic game boards and 100 mini-games from the N64 era Nintendo Connect

Enjoy five classic game boards and 100 mini-games from the N64 era Nintendo Connect

He lives Mario party superstars Five classic game boards from the Nintendo 64 era and 100 mini-games from the range! The party with the nostalgic factor starts on October 29th Nintendo Switch The!

After free Super Mario Party Update With new online game options, As well as rumors about something New Mario Party with online mode and classic controls, Nintendo announced the Nintendo Direct during the E3 2021 Mario party superstars A.

It’s time for the superstar collection of boards and mini-games from the Mario Party series! Includes the latest title of the series Five classic game boards One from the Nintendo 64 era A collection of 100 mini-games From the entire Mario Party series. You can play all game modes against each other. Advance orders are now available Nintendo iShop Possibility.

The race for more stars (and ruin your opponents) on the beach birthday cake from the original Mario party game will turn into a sugar affair. In Space-Land, keep an eye on Bowser’s currency jet and countdown to avoid losing coins. The wave at the Mario party can change quickly, so party guests need to be on their guard. This and other methods can be run online too!

Whether you collect coins for stars in board game mode or practice a little in “free choice” mode, it feels like a win in the mushroom mess or the flag mess Official Nintendo website Larger in both cases. All mini-games are powered by button controls, so you can use the Joy-Con controllers Nintendo Switch With controllers or with Nintendo Switch Let the light sink into party life.

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