June 13, 2024


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Starfield: Todd Howard gives more details about Bethesda's space RPG

Starfield: Todd Howard gives more details about Bethesda’s space RPG

Because apparently, when animating a game that has nothing to show for it yet, the company we send to the microphone is now the identity maker. First, the opportunity to remind him that it is necessary to wait Sports, Wait until you are close to exiting, mostly like the American publisher.

Mr. Like Howard, you need to know how to sort wheat from the soup to get some information. Thus, we learn it Starfield So it is possible to play in the first and third person as many titles of the same team. Based on the experience gained with it, it looks like it should be played for many years. Skyrim Its size still allows it to continue, even a decade after its release. Todd Howard promises a great game. “The type that can count on hundreds of hours of play“, Thus confirming the telegram.

Because it’s still an RPG. “More hardcore than we could ever do“Howard says he’s talking about going to things.”We did it a long time ago, and we believe it allowed players to implement the character they wanted to playChoosing the past of your incarnation should be one of those dynamics.

Also, talks about the elements Design Despite the endless appeal of the Todd Howard universe in this interview, Starfield Must have a well-defined and defined world, with a construction similar to other Bethesda games: “I don’t want to create high expectations there. We have cities, and until then we built them as we created them. We have a lot of space and we created them just like we did until then. We hope that their study will be as fruitful as it was then.“.

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In the absence of Sports So to be sure, the British journalist tried to define the definitions of science fiction to some extent Starfield, It will not be “Not Star Wars, not Star TrekHoward says, but there is still little foundation in our reality. Even if the producer finds it difficult to explain later (probably longer minutes) Starfield It was just a game, and it involves stopping a particular distrust, one can guess that the game really seeks to get closer to our time and its science. Of “NASA-Punk“, In his words.

It will be necessary to connect the different points that are now available, to give birth to a slightly firmer figure while waiting for others to come and stop themselves. Starfield, So it will be released in 2022.

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