September 16, 2021


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Apple converts iPhone 13 5G camera module assembly to Foxconn

In May, Foxconn pointed out that the time between ordering and receiving chipsets (called lead time) had reached one year. Making the iPhone 13 harder to make

Leading iPhone maker from Apple It released its third quarter forecast and included comments that there is a shortage of components used to make the next series iPhone 13. In May, the time (called lead time) between ordering and receiving Foxconn chipsets reached one year. The longer the wait, the harder it is to find the semiconductors you are looking for.

Apple’s iPhone production could suffer from a global chipset shortage

Foxconn’s 30% increase in second-quarter profit surpasses analysts’ estimates, and the company says it will “wait and see” whether the resurgence of COVID-19 in Asia will affect its suppliers. A 20% increase in second-quarter earnings announced by the manufacturer would reduce profits by 3% to 15% General In the current quarter, there was a 15% increase in revenue due to consumer electronics.

Apple converts iPhone 13 5G camera module assembly to Foxconn 1

Foxconn says production of the iPhone 13 could be affected by a global shortage of chipsets.

According to ReutersAccording to Foxconn President Liu Young-Wei, this time is based on the epidemic situation in Asia. Discusses the supply chain of goods Technology On the continent, Liu said: “The epidemic situation in Asia is deteriorating. As Asia is the main global hub for ICT (information and communication technology) components, we need to carefully monitor whether there will be a resurgence of the epidemic. An impact across the supply chain.”

Liu points out that the chipset shortage will last until the second quarter of 2022. Last month, Apple pointed out that a shortage of chipsets had affected production of Macs and iPads and that the number of iPhone units would begin to decline.

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While that may seem like a low-key forecast, Foxconn should have a chance to make the iPhone 13 series. Taipei-based Fuban Securities expects the manufacturer to raise 75% of the 85 million iPhone units shipped this year. In the first half of this year, Foxconn reported record earnings and net income. Chief Financial Officer David Huang attributes such decisions to the strong demand for smartphones.

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Other information recently released ElectionThe agreements signed between Apple and Foxconn state that it will be responsible for assembling the camera modules of the new iPhone models this year. In the past, Apple provided complete modules for Foxconn and Foxconn would only add them to compatible iPhone models. This year, however, in order to save some money, Apple buys pre-assembled dual and triple camera modules from LG Innotech and Sharp, and has turned to Foxconn to put them together.

We may be four weeks away from the official release of the 2021 models of the iPhone 13 and the latest leaks reveal it. Apple will increase battery capacity for newer models. In part Drums The expected 120 Hz promotion on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max has already been allocated to the update rate.

Update, as you can imagine Screen Uses high power of 120 Hz per second. It is hoped that the use of Apple will reduce the power consumption of the promotion LTPO back panel This not only helps to always display the screen, but also reduces the refresh rate to 1 Hz. This can be done when static content such as texts and emails is displayed on the screen. At 120 Hz, you can expect smoother scrolling and enhanced animations. Users will also need extra battery power to help with the power connection 5G From the phone.


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