September 24, 2021


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Pokemon Go Evoli Community Day

Pokemon Go Evoli Community Day

Evoli Gets another Community Day In Pokemon Co. Gives you another chance to store shiny EVs and candies for growth.

Is Pokemon Temple EV Community Day Useful?

On the one hand, EV Community Day offers you the usual plan you know from this event. During the event, the EV will often sink into the wild and be more likely to catch the dazzling EV.

In addition, you need to take some snapshots to attract and catch the EV. Of course Pokemon are inspired by smoke and exotic modules.

Other Bonus: The eggs hatch during the event Four times fasterThe smoke stops again Three hours And more The lock modules run for three hours.

A Community Day Box is available at the Sports Store for 1,280 Bokeh Coins, offering you 50 Hyper Balls, 5x Smoke, Top Instant DM and Top Charging DM.

Exclusive attacks and other special features

There will also be some special attacks on Friday, August 13, 2021 from 7pm to 2021, August 16, 2021 at 7pm.

  • Captured or hatched Evoli The attack dominates the refuge
  • Aquana: Boiling water
  • Blitza: Blitzconon
  • Flamara: Power turmoil
  • Ciana: Spookball
  • Night Mecca: Mental illness
  • Folipurba: Pebble seed
  • Glaziola: Aquawell
  • Filinara: Psychoscock
  • The development of Filinara requires only 7 instead of 70 hearts during the event

Pokemon Go: How to solve special research for EV Community Day

Even here, you can buy a new Community Day specialty research at the game store that specializes in dealing with this Pokemon.

You solve your tasks as follows:

The choice is yours (1/5)

  • Use 10 Power-ups on Pokemon – 10 Sanana Berries
  • 15 Catch the EV – Meet the EV
  • Get 7 Good Throws – 50 EV Candies
  • Rewards: 2,000 starters, 25 boogie balls, 1 smoke
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The choice is yours (2/5)

  • Catch 15 EV – Meeting with Aquana
  • Send 10 Pokemon – Blitza Encounter
  • Create 3 EVs – Meeting with Flamara
  • Rewards: 1,500 EP, 50 Evoli candies, 1 smoke

The choice is yours (3/5)

  • Land 3 Big Curve Throw – Meeting with Siana
  • Send 10 Pokemon – EV Meet
  • Create 2 EV – Meeting with Mecca for the night
  • Rewards: 2,500 XP, 15 Super Balls, 1 Rocket Radar

The choice is yours (4/5)

  • Catch 15 EVs – Meeting with Folipurba
  • Use 15 Berries to Catch a Pokemon – EV Encounter
  • Create 2 EVs – Meeting with Claciola
  • Rewards: 3,500 XP, 1 incubator, 15 hyperballs

The choice is yours (5/5)

  • Reward available – 100 EV candies
  • Reward – Meet with EV
  • Take the reward – 2 silver Sanana berries
  • Rewards: 3,000 starters, meeting with Filinara, 2 special candies
EV returned.

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