May 21, 2024


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Review by Matthias Herrmann – Lachenmann: My Melodies

Review by Matthias Herrmann – Lachenmann: My Melodies

For him, composing means thinking about means, as Helmut Lachenmann often emphasized. In his “dialectical approach to the old and the worn out”, he presents new listening experiences for more than half a century in a very different way using loud and marginal sounds. For some time, the composer again enjoyed full sound. On the extended cut “My Melodies” from 2023, he sometimes goes all out. The large orchestra becomes an experimental field with a definite expansion, that is, with eight solo trumpets, eight percussion groups, two harps, two electric guitars, and a piano. Rich sounds have space next to outlines and shades, richly diffused and rich in contrast in a variety of stress states. Real experience. And the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and conductor Matthias Herrmann pull it all off brilliantly. An informative interview with Lachenmann is available as a bonus track. The booklet is also worthwhile.

© Bayerischer Rundfunk/Musica Viva/Astrid Ackermann

Matthias Herrmann

Lachenmann: My tunes

Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Matthias Herrmann (conductor)

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