The arrival of iOS 16.2 marked changes to the Home app that were supposed to improve usability. The problem caused Apple to pull out.

HomeKit has been the focus of many changes in recent months, with more to come. Material compatibility and the new thread communication protocol were a hit, but the Casa app would also be a star. New architecture to significantly improve performance, but it does not change the visual aspects of the application. But users will not stop complaining about errors in new updates until Apple retracts them and has no choice but to admit the problem.

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Updating to the new home first requires the new version of iOS 16.2 (and its counterparts on iPad, Apple TV, and HomePods). Once done, enter the Home app and you’ll see a message letting you know about new updates and asking if you’d like to apply them. But from the moment we embrace change, the suspicion arises that it won’t work.If Apple itself asks you several times if you are sure about the update and warns that some users may lose access to the home page … things are still a little green.

It certainly is. Apple is aware of issues with guest users accessing the HomeKit network even if they are already authenticated. For example in my case All guest users are gone, and send the invitation again, but nothing arrives. Website automation is not working either. HomeKit network accessories are fine. In fact, they work very well and some of them respond even faster than before.

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All this forced Apple to back down. The homepage can no longer be updated to the new structure even when using iOS 16.2Hopefully, these issues will be fixed soon and everything will be back to normal.