February 8, 2023


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Introducing the contents of “M2STG Live Broadcast 2 #1” where the latest information such as “Dodonpachi Oujou (Temporary)”, “Arresta Branch”, and “Ubusuna UBSUNA” were released.

The M2 was announced today (December 23, 2022) on its YouTube channel“M2STG Live Streaming 2 #1”Delivered.

In the program, Mr. Naoki Hori, Representative Director of M2 Corporation, and Mr. Kazuki Kubota, General Manager of M2 Shot Triggers, introduced the company’s latest work. In addition to both names, the first corner of Taito will be launched on March 9, 2023.“Rays Arcade Games Timeline”PS4 / Nintendo Switch), development director Yujiro Yamamoto and Yoichi Toyama of Taito took over the platform. While Mr. Yamamoto is playing the actual instrument, the recorded work is revealed.

The familiar tools of M2 development titles will be revealed for the first time this time around. In addition to being able to check the laser firing status and power surge phase,“Lake Crisis”And the“Lake Crisis HD”The soundtrack jacket is also shown at the bottom left, and BGM’s switch to the arranged version will also be reflected in the cover art.

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The next announcement was the launch of the brand’s M2 ShotTriggers.Angry Boss Bee dead (temporary)Is. Cave’s Mr. Tsuneki Ikeda took to the stage and talked about how Cave approached him with a plan because of the high quality of the past “Ketsui Deathtiny ~Kizuna Jigoku~”. In addition, Manabu Namiki, who worked on the voice work, also appeared on the stage, on Although it wasn’t originally planned, he talked about the episodes at the time he got involved in the Cave business.

Instrumentation is also planned for this work, and a key visual has been drawn by Junya Inoue. Details will be announced little by little “after next year”.

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Toa plan address port“TOAPLAN ARCADE GARAGE 3rd (Temporary Name)”Although the details could not be disclosed regarding‘Development is going well’This information is due to be published next year.

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new internal addresslightning branchMasato Yamanaka, director of the same work, took the stage (in a demon-like appearance) and gave a rough explanation of the characters and the game system along with the video. According to this work, this work is a return to the origin of the “Arresta” series with the controller + 2 buttons Specifications, And the difficulty level of the main part of the game is normal, as well as the familiar “Super Easy” in the M2 development work, there are things that can not be announced.

 “M2STG Live Broadcast #11” last yearand then‘Early 2022…maybe’Although it is said that this work has not been released until today, Mr. Hurry said“(Because it is done properly) the development period will not extend any longer.”So it won’t be long before we can play.

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Likewise, the new corporate addressobosunaMr. Kubota read a message from Mr. Hiroshi Iuchi, and explained the development situation.

Accordingly, it was postponed due to the change of designers in 2022, but four veteran designers will participate in 2023 and further development will continue. Regarding the change of designers, Mr. Horii instead of Mr. Iuchi made a decision“I won’t give permission for a release until I think it’s ‘perfect'”It is said that because it is produced with a principle. It seems that there are many fans who have been waiting for a long time, but please look forward to “Ubusuna” who will appear in the best possible way.

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As you read aloud in Mr. Inuchi’s message, 4Gamer plans to publish a special article about “Ubusuna” on the 24th at 00:00.

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