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Android “Find My Device” offline support was missing – Jetstream BLOG

Android “Find My Device” offline support was missing – Jetstream BLOG

  • The “Security & Privacy” category has been removed from the June 2023 Update. Google System Update details posted on Tuesday, June 20, 2023.
  • There was no update to Find My Device (supports offline location tracking)
  • Find my device offline is coming late summer 2023

On Tuesday, June 20, 2023, Google will update and republish details of the “Google System Update” for June 2023, which includes new features to enhance the security and reliability of Android devices, which it makes available on a monthly basis. However, the “Security and privacy” category, which was identified at the time of the June 2023 “Google System Update” release of June 7, 2023 (Wednesday), has been deleted at this time.

In other words, it was announced at the “Google I/O 2023” developer event held on May 10, 2023 (Wednesday), and it was thought to be finally available, but it never happened. The offline location tracking of Find My Device was announced at Google I/O 2023 as scheduled to be available at the end of summer 2023, so it will be available just before summer. It will be submitted, but it seems that it has not yet been submitted after all that.

Offline! Find My Device with 1 billion Android devices worldwide[Google I / O 2023]

Google has launched a new Find My Device that lets you find your device even when you’re offline

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It was initially announced that Find My Device offline location tracking would be available in Google Play Services v23.22 or later, Android Find My Device v2.5.114-4 or higher. Both apps have already been updated, so conditions are met for now, but broad support is expected with more updates in the future.

By the way, Google is currently providing Find My Device as a device location tracking service that can identify not only which Android devices are on and online, but also which Bluetooth devices are connected to that Android device. However, this concern is that Android devices that are not connected to the Internet with mobile network and Wi-Fi turned off, or Bluetooth devices that are not connected with Android devices and Bluetooth pairing, may not be usable during the last online or last pairing process. It is a point that can only be obtained until the location information.

However, the new to be revamped Find My Device will be able to get location information for Android devices and Bluetooth devices that are not connected to the Internet. This is similar to Apple’s “AirTag” which obtains location information via any nearby iOS device, even if the Android device is offline or the Bluetooth device has lost Bluetooth pairing. Also, it will be possible to obtain location and location information by making use of the “Nearby Share” short-distance sharing function technology on the Android network of more than 1 billion units worldwide.

What’s important about this Find My Device offline location tracking is that the location data that is obtained by leveraging the Android network of more than 1 billion devices worldwide is end-to-end encrypted, so that it can be used by Google. As well as third parties so trading data is impossible. It leverages the Android network of over a billion devices worldwide to enable offline location, while protecting user privacy.

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In other words, the location information will not be disclosed to third parties.

To use offline location tracking with the Find My Device app for Android, turn on Save recent location in the Security (Security & Privacy) settings of your Android device. run through[حفظ أحدث معلومات الموقع]Location information is encrypted and saved in the Google cloud, and the device can be tracked based on the latest location information even when connected to the Internet.

However, this setup is also a story after the full range provision has begun.

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