July 21, 2024


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NCSOFT, “Lineage W” Exceeds 600 Days Of Release!  Implemented “Potential Skills” that can be learned in any class!  |  gamebiz

NCSOFT, “Lineage W” Exceeds 600 Days Of Release! Implemented “Potential Skills” that can be learned in any class! | gamebiz

NCSOFT has released information about its latest Lineage series “Lineage W”.

■ New skills such as “Potential Skills” that can be learned in any classroom have been implemented!
[تحديث الجدول]June 21 during regular maintenance

With today’s update, we’ve implemented 5 new magic dolls, including the “Potential Skill” skill that any class can learn and the Legend of Transcendence magic doll “Aurakia”. Potential skills are skills that can be learned and used by any class. With the potential legendary skill “Soaring Status”, you can obtain the status of “STR / DEX / INT +2”. Potential Skills can be acquired for Skill Coins from Skill Book Merchant Helen at the Mage Research Institute in Gludio Region. Skill Coins can be earned through clan donations and seal quests. Other details of the update can be found in the announcement on the official website.

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■ Hold the “600th Anniversary Come, Fishing Village Slapstick”

June 21 after regular maintenance until June 28 before regular maintenance

To celebrate the 600th day, the “Come on, Slapstick Fishing Village” dungeon event will appear during this period. The “Come on, Slapstick Fishing Village” event dungeon can be used by characters of level 50 or higher for 1 hour per day. From the “Jerkbait (Engraved)” and “Bamboo Fishing Rod (Engraved)” that can be obtained by subduing monsters in the dungeon with a certain probability, you can buy “General Fishing Rod Set (Engraved)” from the crafting menu>events tab can be crafted. You can catch fish in the sea in the “Come on, Slapstick Fishing Village” dungeon state using the “General Class Fishing Rod Set (Plaid)” you made. When the premium fish is consumed, “General Class Fishing Rod Set (Plaid)” is consumed, “Berry (Coated)” and so on can be obtained, “Veriana (Plaid)” and “Golden Feriana (Plaid)” With a high probability. “Berry (engraved)” can be obtained from the event dungeon “Come on, Slapstick Fishing Village” and the event merchant NPC that appears in Talking Island, Gludin Village, Woodbeck Village, and Silver Knight Village. 70), “The Power of Scattered Elixir (Engraved)”, and “Hero-Class Engraved Shield Makes Secret Book Parts (Engraved)”. Details of the “600th Anniversary, Slapstick Fishing Village” can be found on the official website.

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■ “600th Anniversary Attendance Check” held

After scheduled maintenance on June 21 to pre-maintenance on July 12

To celebrate the 600th day, you can open the attendance check “600th Anniversary Attendance Check” during this period. In the “600th Anniversary Attendance Check”, you can get the “600th Anniversary Daily Attendance Box (Event)” as a daily reward, as well as the “600th Magic Doll Card (11 times) (event)”, “600 items can be obtained Such as advanced conversion card (11 times) (event), blessed scroll check box (event), 600 days support fund (event).When you use the ‘600th Anniversary Daily Attendance Chest (event)’, you can get 600 “ Honor Coins, 600 Depoloju Seals, 600 Hunter Coins and 600 Card Coins. From the `600 Days Support Fund (Event)`, which is the reward for the 14th day of attendance, you can get 1 “Secret Fragment of Hero-class Etched Armor Production Book (Etched)“, plus 1 gacha tickets every 22 hours You get 90 Growth Support Cubes for 600 Days (Events). Details of the “600th Anniversary Attendance Check” can be found on the official website.

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