September 30, 2023


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CoD: MWll: feature?  Not suitable?  Discussion with the new launcher Io unique “ skin color change ” |  EAA!!

CoD: MWll: feature? Not suitable? Discussion with the new launcher Io unique “ skin color change ” | EAA!!

In the latest CoD series “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ll (Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 / MWll)”, various new contents have been released with the start of Season 4.

One of the most eye-catching items is the “Io” operator, which serves as a reward for purchasing the “Black Cell” battle pass upgrade content. It’s a unique skin that changes the color of the entire body during battle, but foreign players seem to have different opinions on whether or not this is useful or inconvenient in battle.


New operator for “CoD: MWll” that changes the color of the entire body

Season 4, Black Cell Fight Card Upgrade | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II & Warzone

In Reddit’s “CoD: MWll” subreddit, players said, “Pay to winwhich complains that the more players pay, the more beneficial it is, the clientAyoHe is.

Because those who have already purchased Black Cell or encountered it in a match will know this skin is itThe color changes from black to white and from white to black during the match.It has special specifications.

Operator Io (Unlocked by purchasing a Black Cell)

“Totally Pay to Win”?

CoD: MWll: feature in matches?  Inappropriate?operator"Ayo"skin discoloration
The same player Io in the same match.Specifications that change the color of the whole body depending on the speed

as a mechanism,Change the speed of the character modelWhen a character’s movement is accelerated by descending or climbing, it turns black, and appears to turn white as movement decreases. Anyway, some Reddit users are criticizing that these tricks make visibility worse when fighting as an enemy.

It’s very distracting, so I hope the color won’t change. Instead, reduce the frequency of color changes, or lengthen the color change time. “

The clip’s poster complained about IU at length, saying, “Terrible.It is a complete pay to win toolCorrection is requested. Many voices agree with this view.

  • “reflectslooks like silverI don’t knowSometimes I squat in a bright place and can barely seeI’ve been killed many times.”
  • “When I first saw him, he was such a dudeTransparencyi did it.’ On Vondel’s bright surface, it’s like wearing Halo active camouflage.”
  • “What stresses me out is when you shoot somebody and your mind goes, ‘Okay, let’s go after that silver guy,'”Color changes during shooting and turbulenceforced toThat’s the thing. No other skin changes color during filming.”
  • I thought they were hacking the camouflage and reported them allcircle…”
  • “I want you to reverse the blur so that it’s white in black and black in light.”

Alternatively “pay to lose”?

On the other hand, there are also quiet opinions about people who complain, perhaps because it is common in the community to be suspicious of the “pay to win” element of paid CoD stuff.

CoD: MWll: feature in matches?  Inappropriate?operator"Ayo"skin discoloration
“CoD: V” Terminator collaboration appearance (Elvis CODfrom)
  • One skin complains a lot. It appeared last year in CoD: VanguardSkin Terminator T-1000 with thisIt had exactly the same effectBut I didn’t think there would be a problem during the fight. Whoever uses Io’s skin is just a Sutozora and leaves behind an orbit,It is easy to beat him(* There is a smoke-like effect coming out of the skin body.)”
  • If anything, this skin is at a the maxstand outfrom. It doesn’t matter if the color changes, I think it’s great.”
  • “instead ofPay to loseLooks like
  • “It’s no big deal. You guys are so quick to complain about anything you don’t like.”

At least the colors can’t be switched arbitrarily, like thisusualIo seems to be able to handle it, but many people probably get confused when they first meet Io, who suddenly changes color.

If you’re playing Season 04 or have actually purchased a Black Cell, please let us know your feelings using the Io skin and how it feels when you play as an enemy.

Logicol G

31,500 JPY (As of 06/15/2023 21:34 | Amazon Research)

Source: Reddit

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