May 30, 2024


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A small social exercise by QVAX

The platform created a few days ago is already an important tool in the fight against Covid. However, its application has brought to mind some bad habits that are clearly rooted in technology.

finally. A few weeks ago we made an annoying budget. In the battle against Covid, Tech soldier, until now, has not been particularly shiny. It still needs to climax to reassure skeptics and confirm that her interest is not limited to organizing videoconferencing. The reputable rescuer took a while, but arrived. It’s called QVAX. The platform launched ten days ago. She convinces the best. The culmination of the digital cake, it came out of the head of a Belgian businessman who took only a few weeks to adapt one of his products to such unprecedented demand.

The result is so clear that we wonder how / why, we didn’t look at the problem rather. This would have allowed many call centers to avoid overheating of cell phones to find arms to be grafted at the last minute. After a busy week, the first results were widely praised. Sciensano will soon resume vaccines made in QVAX In her statistics. Final recognition.

bad habits

The launch also made it possible to do a little social workout and uncover some bad habits. The first: that This is the sad totality that technology must influence behavior. Of course, this is rarely that good. When it came time to score, some technicians found a way to bypass the scoring line. A good example of selfishness. The undoubted mistake is this computer screen of very relative social pressure. The loading bar is necessarily less of a deterrent than a crowd of real humans who explain that, no, we’re not skipping. Behind a curtain, cSome people allow themselves what they might not dare elsewhere. Note that if we see it for the sake of selfishness, we also see it with misogyny, racism, homophobia and all this bunch of gibberish behavior.

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Nonsense question, we will also notice this option that has almost become the norm and that is to put national unification in the treasury.

Another bad habit that has resurfaced is lack of information. It also makes the aforementioned selfishness two lines more ridiculous. QVAX is a backup, not a waiting list. Its founder might remember it as soon as possible, and it’s still hard to freeze people’s minds. It makes no sense to rush to be the first in a list that does not care about the order of arrival and does not guarantee the service of everyone.

Consolidation in the treasury

Nonsense question, we will also notice this choice which almost became the norm and that it consists of Put national unification on the shelf. QVAX works and is praised for its effectiveness. That was much better for color and fleming. Too bad for the people of Brussels for whom the region has preferred another system that will appear on Monday. Yes, but Brussels is structurally not the same region as the rest of the country. Yes, but it answers the problem differently. Yes, but it remains frankly messy and hard to read.

When the time comes to evaluate the young stats, let’s avoid this other bad habit It is the preservation of only evil instead of good. The system delivers on its promises, and that is the main point.