May 26, 2022


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Vodafone will bring a pure 5G network nationwide by 2025


The mobile operator wants to expand the offer of 5G.

(Photo: Bloomberg)

Düsseldorf Vodafone wants to completely shift its 5G mobile network in Germany to the next stage of development by 2025, which will do away with previous LTE technology. “We are now reaching more than 10 million customers in Germany with 5G + – and by 2025 almost all citizens,” said Vodafone Germany President Hannes Ametsreiter in Düsseldorf.

The technology was previously marketed as “5G Standalone”. For customers, 5G+ means they can achieve much greater ranges with their smartphones and are therefore more likely to use the 5G network than before, Ametsreiter said in a statement Tuesday. So far, his company has made prepayments with the expansion of “5G standalone” because only a few smartphone models from manufacturers Samsung and Oppo support “standalone 5G”.

Vodafone is now hoping to get a big boost from Apple. Soon, 5G-enabled iPhone models will be 5G+ compatible with a software update. Current Xiaomi smartphones also support the new standard.

Vodafone’s competitors Deutsche Telekom and Telefónica (O2) had not previously focused on expanding “standalone 5G” due to the limited number of suitable devices. And with Apple getting into this technology, this could change quickly.

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Ametsreiter emphasized that in addition to the 3.5GHz frequencies, the 700MHz frequencies are also used for 5G+ in order to distribute real-time mobile communications over large areas and make them better in homes. The Vodafone manager noted the short data uptimes: “Good response time values ​​are interesting for gamers, but also for business applications. If you want to control robots or industrial facilities remotely, the data uptime can be a few milliseconds.” This also applies to data communications in autonomous driving.

5G+ will also be an important technology for high-quality applications in virtual reality or augmented reality (computer-aided augmented reality visualization). Data glasses like Microsoft’s Hololens and Facebook’s advertised Metaverse rely on low response times.

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