June 18, 2024


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Revolution on the Horizon ?: Tesla Receives Patent for New Windshield Wiper Technology | Message

Tesla’s new windshield wiper patent was reported in 2019 – the US automaker has now officially patented the invention, according to experts at Futurezone tech portal.

This is Tesla’s patent for a new windshield wiper

The concept behind how windshield wipers operate has not changed in recent years and decades. Tesla – Elon Musk’s company for electric vehicles and electrical and photovoltaic storage systems – is now seeking to modernize this very concept and has already patented an electromagnetic windshield wiper.

Tesla’s new system relies on electromagnetic rotating arms designed to clear the window from left to right in a linear motion. All that is needed for this is the aforementioned wiper arm, which exits from under the hood when needed and removes water from the window via an electromagnetic rail system.

The advantage is that the entire panel can be cleaned. According to Tesla, the new system should also lead to a greater range for e-cars, as the new windshield wipers mean less energy loss when cleaning the windshield. The space under the hood also improves aerodynamics.

The use of the new windshield wiper is still unclear

As Futurezone reported, the launch date for the new windshield wiper technology is still unclear. Rumors say the new Tesla Roadster could be the first car to use this new wiper technology.

The Tesla Roadster, announced in 2017, should have hit the market last year. Followers of Tesla news are no longer likely to place much confidence in such information, because, as is usual with Tesla, delays also occur with a roadster. The start date of sales of Roadster models is now said to have moved to 2022, such as Elon Musk It was recently revealed in an interview with Joe Rogan.

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