September 22, 2023


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Airless tire for bicycles on Kickstarter

Airless tire for bicycles on Kickstarter

American company Smart Tire Company He has what is called Metal frames (sounds like “metal”) Designed for non-air-filled bikes. They depend on one Shape memory alloy (Shape Memory Alloy, SMA) – NASA technology developed by engineers at NASA Glenn Research Center.

Bullion Nitinol Consists of Nickel and titaniumIt can deform under pressure and return to its original shape. The tires are indestructible and adapt to any terrain – including the surface of the Moon or Mars. NASA itself wants to use this technology for future Mars rovers and other spacecraft. Future area mentioned.

Traction is better

The frames are made of titanium wire mesh. Compared to rubber tires, they provide equal or better traction and also act as a shock absorber. Owners of bicycles equipped with METL tires can do this without any risks Splinters and nails Driving.

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The company is financing its concept Via KickstarterWhere to order tires.

Carbon or aluminum rims

2 tires with carbon rims up to 2150 eurosWith aluminum rims 1200 euros. Two-piece set without the cost of the rims 460 euros. In addition to bicycles, e-scooters can also be equipped with METL tires.

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