September 24, 2021


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A bridesmaid appears in 3D at her friend’s wedding

Residing in London, the young woman was unable to attend her close friend’s wedding due to health restrictions.

With technology, friendship knows no bounds. Unable to attend her best friend’s wedding due to health restrictions, London-based Sarah Reddington posed in 3D during the ceremony, reports on Monday, September 6th, Global news media

Dressed in her bridesmaid’s attire and holding a glass of champagne, the young woman managed to deliver a message to her friends, a few dozen seconds, before disappearing in a flash of light.

This futuristic idea came from the husband, who wished to surprise his future wife during their wedding ceremony which was held in Ontario, Canada. The element of surprise was there.

Behind this company scene ARTH . media, headquartered in Toronto. After several requests, the future husband contacted the CEO. Holographic technology, as one might expect, is not cheap: this type of service generally costs more than 20,000 euros. However, in exchange for a little publicity, the company gave the newlyweds a discount.

Holograms, the future of video conferencing?

During successive periods of confinement, the resolution of videoconferencing was sometimes enforced, during weddings, family reunions, and often even during “aperitifs”.

The technology of holography, which we have already had the opportunity to see, for example during a meeting with Jean-Luc Melenchon, seems to be gaining ground, at a time when the epidemic sometimes prevents gatherings or reunions.

The group ABBA, which is making a big comeback, has announced a series of hologram concerts.