September 16, 2021


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Craft + Technology Part 2

Mockup of the wall-mounted knot in the ceiling © Angela Lamprecht Fotografie

work axis

The central focus of the King’s Master’s thesis is the connection between the ceiling and the wall. “Of course I didn’t reinvent it, but I drew it from different projects,” explains the architect. The Cree LifeCycle from Rhomberg, Hermann Kaufmann, and MKP was certainly crucial. I converted the modular timber high-rise system with pendulum trusses used there to a smaller scale – from this the slatted timber roof was created in my design, and sound insulation is achieved through proper gaskets and sound separation. Because one of the tenets of the Überholz track is to reduce the cement and steel content in the construction to the minimum necessary – this is also reflected in the intersection last but not least, to achieve the design requirements under one roof and in harmony. Fire protection in particular presents a particular challenge. “This then resulted in the support of the summary twin. While the rear portion is efficient in terms of fire protection, the front portion accommodates the building’s services and acts as an element for zoning and structuring the rooms,” he explains. When he worked on the building as a 1:2 copy, he himself took with it the most: “Architecture and craft are often separated, even though they both originate from the same source. Close collaboration can lead to bespoke solutions that combine design and construction in a meaningful way.” .

The impetus for his work was the book “Bauen 3.0” by Hubert Rhomberg. This calls for a break with building paradigms and an evolution towards modular components. “An approach that architects often find difficult, but to me there is no contradiction in terms of contextual design for the building task,” King says. A final thought was drawn from King from this: “The building permit must also be accompanied by a dismantling plan, whereby one thinks of how to dismantle a building again without destroying the resources kept in it.”

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