September 24, 2021


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A “milestone” mobile radio station for 5G expansion in the EN region

Vodafone wants to develop 5G technology at Wetter, Herdecke and other locations by mid-2022.

5G infrastructure project for the Ennepe-Ruhr region: Vodafone described a new 5G mobile radio station in Sprockhövel as a “milestone”. With this system, the telecom group is providing the city’s first residents and their guests with new broadband technology. Further steps must also be taken at Whittier and Heyerdeck.

According to the announcement, 5G technology will be installed at ten other Vodafone sites in the EN region by mid-2022. So 5G construction projects will be carried out in Sprockhövel, Witten (5x), Herdecke (2x), Wetter and Ennepetal. The medium-term goal is to connect all residents of Ennepe and Ruhr as much as possible to a 5G network – almost as they do today with voice cellular coverage (GSM = 2G) and with LTE (= 4G) mobile broadband technology.

Use existing infrastructure

In order to establish a nationwide 5G network, Vodafone initially wants to make significant use of the existing mobile network infrastructure and, where possible, operate 5G antennas at existing locations in the EN region. The 73 portable radio stations already in the area are being gradually developed by installing additional 5G technology there – for example on masts, watchtowers, church towers, on the roofs of city halls, office buildings and apartment buildings. This will happen station after station over the next few years.

So 5G covers all the benefits of LTE mobile broadband technology for mobile data traffic – albeit at a much higher speed: according to Vodafone, customers can surf the Internet and use mobile data services. For example, you can quickly download HD movies, enjoy HD videos, and catch up on major sports and cultural events in live broadcasts. However, 5G offers faster speeds than LTE and lower response times in the millisecond range. In the future, this will enable applications such as self-driving cars that communicate with each other. In close proximity to 5G base stations, the new broadband technology can be used by everyone on site – provided the customer has a matching 5G device and an existing Vodafone contract.

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Multiple devices can be used

Many models of 5G smartphones are available on the go or a 5G router at home. Multiple peripherals (up to 64) such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, etc. can be connected to the 5G broadband internet at the same time via each 5G router. This means that 5G is an alternative to the slow DSL lines to provide internet in the vicinity of stations. In addition, 5G could become a network revolution bringing with it new products for many sectors and industries and making our daily lives more convenient in many areas.

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