May 29, 2024


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Zoom Publishes SDK: Integrate video meetings seamlessly

Zoom must be integrated with other services. (Photo: Yalcin Sonata / Shutterstock)

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Zoom expands its developer base. The service can now be integrated into external applications as well.

Developers can now integrate zooming into their applications. Zoom is something Video Software Development Kit (SDK) Published. With this, Zoom expands the developer site so that other providers can integrate to maximize their applications.

Up to 10,000 minutes per month is free, and beyond that you will be charged per minute. For $ 1,000 a year, you get 30,000 minutes a month.

Strengthen customer loyalty through video

“Video-based customer experiences will play an increasingly important role in customer loyalty in the future”, Natalie Mulin writes, Marketing Manager at Zoom. Video functions are integrated seamlessly into work processes, so the next trend will affect this The use of video conferencing increased Can follow.

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Zoom provides some usage examples: Social media apps can benefit from live streaming and interactive chats, opening up new possibilities for engaging gaming audiences and retailers being able to create interactive shopping formats.

Meanwhile, the zoom expands its own range. Zoom was already last year Marketing events And enables the integration of applications. Your own Calendar and postal service To follow.

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