July 21, 2024


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Microsoft has a $ 10 billion deal with Discord

Microsoft is in talks with Discord to acquire a communications site of the same name. Proud selling prices like “Bloomberg” representing informed sources are being negotiated Writes: The acquisition is said to have cost Redmond more than $ 10 billion. Both Microsoft and Discord have declined to comment on the matter. However, rumors are circulating even before Discord is considering selling at a similarly high rating (Via “Venturebeat”).

Discord so far is specifically targeted at gamers who can use it to communicate via text, voice and video and stream their on-screen content. The site grew rapidly due to the epidemic and currently has more than 100 million users per month. This is what Microsoft wants to start, and it continues: they want to buy companies that gather the growing communities around their products – and Descartes is a prime example of this.

Another investment in the Microsoft gaming sector was apparent after the acquisition of Genimax, the parent company of Microsoft game developer Bethesda (“Swiss ID reseller”). Announced). (Success)

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