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PlayStation: More than 750 PS2 games have been released before

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Part of the history of the video game has occurred on the Internet. A security team has released demos of more than 700 prototypes and older PS2 games.

Hamburg, Germany – Every art form deserves it To be protected and to be protected. It can look very different depending on the media, the movies are shown in the cinema again, the pictures are put on display, the books are archived and reprinted. Now video games are becoming more and more accepted as a formal art form, how old are they? Video games like PlayStation And Nintendo needs to be protected. Somehow, future generations should have the opportunity to use old games and their influence in today’s video games PS5* And Xbox Series X.* Enjoy. A Security Committee Apparently it has made this its mission Great archive of prototypes and recipes Older PS2 games have been released and are now running for fans.

Console name PlayStation 2 (PS2)
Manufacturer Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE)
Type Fixed game console
Generation 06. Console Generation
Storage media DVD
Release November 24, 2000 (Europe)

PlayStation: Security Team releases exclusive PS2 demos and prototypes

The games that make it to the public shelf are just the tip of the iceberg of alpha releases, beta releases, prototypes and demos. The Security panel hidden palace Finding these early versions of older games turned into their business Collect and archive. As for the PlayStation 2, this group has been one for the past few years Archive on behalf of Project Flood Created is now available to the public. In a live stream on March 20, 2021, Hidden Palace hosted and played some of the games in it.

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The size of the project flood archive is impressive. Total 752 Game Is Team Van Hidden Palace Collected and archived. Is only in the archive Games for PlayStation 2 And include different versions of archived games. For review purposes, these may be prototypes for trade fair demos or internal preview versions. Also included are some bug fixes such as Final Fantasy X-2 and Legacy of Cain: Soul River 2. Other notable topics Included in the archive is, for example, the E3 demo of God of War 2, their Developer Santa Monica Studio has launched a new mega project* To.

PlayStation: The vast PS2 archive contains content that is not commonly found

With so many games with so many versions, there is definitely a lot of data. Older hard drives may also be pushed to their limits by the archive because project flooding is developing overall Approximately 900GB data size. Hidden Palace has amassed software through media companies and now-closed developer studios, as well as some well-stored collectors. According to its own information, the PlayStation Games archive is the largest ever released by the Security Council. Also, every game that is archived has some form Different from its officially published versionAccording to their own reports, it took the team almost a year to verify the differences.

PlayStation: More than 750 PS2 games have been released before

© Sony / Japan Studio (Montage)

For hardcore fans of some games, this archive is a gold mine. Especially E3-version sky shadow of the Colossus Some fans are looking for clues about other enemies or stadiums that may have already existed. About that then The game was released exclusively for the PlayStation 2 There are various mysteries that fans have been trying to understand for years. Demos of games that are still in development this year may be displayed again on E3. But the exhibition is on the edge. E3 2021 can be canceled again* Instead, like last year, it should be done exclusively digitally. *ingame.de is a privilege IPPEN.MEDIA.

Title List Image: © Sony / Japan Studio (Montage)

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