May 21, 2024


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Buy PS5: Is the PlayStation 5 available in stores now?

There is still a huge demand for the PlayStation 5.

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In fact, the PlayStation 5 is only available online, but some retailers occasionally offer them in stores.

In the meantime PlayStation 5 * In the market for almost half a year. At least in theory – from the release, it’s practically impossible to get the PS5. Once orders for orders from retailers are released they are sold out a few minutes later. Sony’s next gen console is offered exclusively online to prevent customers from coming to stores. But obviously there is something for some happy customers Buy PS5 at local stores Can, as well as colleagues News.

PS5: Is the console now available in stores?

According to the industry portal GamesWordsoft Numerous new PS5 owners from all over Germany are more or less accidentally contacting them You can catch a PS5 on a branch. Distributors will also have different ones Bundles with various games and additional controllers Given. According to some customers, the PS5 was only available in conjunction with warranty packages, which is why dealers sometimes ask the console for higher prices. Given the PS5’s shortage, this is expected to continue into next year, with many customers willing to pay a small extra charge. It is even cheaper than some third-party providers, for example Amazon, which charges twice as much.

Can you now assume that the PS5 will be available in stores permanently? Rather not. Nevertheless, it is useful to stop by a branch. PS5 may be available at Sony Business Partners and Site at the following distributors:

  • Conrad
  • Euronics
  • Expert
  • Gamestop
  • Media Mark
  • Medimax
  • Mல்லller
  • MyToys
  • Otto
  • Saturn
  • Smithstoys
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PS5 sales in electronics stores ended in chaos

It is understandable that traders do not make big announcements about a brick and mortar business. In Japan, an electronics store came up with the idea, which eventually ended up in chaos to be ended by the police. Such crowds are especially dangerous during times of corona virus infections. () K) * and are offers IPPEN.MEDIA.

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A look at the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series

A look at the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series