July 20, 2024


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You can now install Windows 11: Microsoft is releasing the first trial version

You can now install Windows 11: Microsoft is releasing the first trial version

Microsoft has already made the officially released version of Windows 11 available to Windows testers. Version 22000.51 includes some, but not all the features that Microsoft showed last week Windows 11 release. The first official preview of the new app store is also available to testers, which is the trial version of Office, which includes an updated user interface that is highly compatible with Windows 11.

Version 22000.51 includes new start menu and taskbar, centralized lock screen components and text, widgets, snap layouts, redesigned settings, new Windows sounds and themes and more. Updated versions of Microsoft applications such as Teams and Photos are not chatting in the available Windows 11 preview – it will come in future test builds. The store’s preview testers will show the new design, but have not yet added other features such as the ability to run Android applications, and many are waiting to see how they work.

A new “out of the box” configuration experience is part of the test framework. Includes new animations and access to the new “Get Started Application” (for those who try this). Microsoft Insider allows a subcommittee of testers to try out a feature that will provide an estimated time to restart updates as part of the development. This information will be in the Power menu below Start.

Windows 11 Insight testers can verify the ability to rearrange “back” applications and recently accessed content at the paginated point that is part of the new startup experience. The search box is not yet part of the new launch. But the new notification center and quick settings, yes. By clicking or tapping on the date and time, users can open the Notification Center and view a calendar display for the entire month (or a few weeks if they wish).

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The new File Explorer – updated versions seen by Insider Testers in March – now get the command bar instead of the ribbon. Highly used commands are preferred and application developers can extend new context menus at some point. Microsoft Settings makes it easy to customize the menu.

The Widgets option currently gives users access to Calendar, MSN Weather, MSN News, Local Traffic, Microsoft to-do lists and onDrive photos. Access to widgets with a new icon in the taskbar; Swipe left to touch or use the shortcut WIN + W.

Testers can also try customizing their touch keyboards and “voice typing” (two features that insiders have already tested). The structure also has three- and four-finger gestures; A new pen menu; And showing improvements, including a way to increase the dynamic update rate; Automatic HDR support; And better application support for multiple monitors.

For PCs that include WiFi 6E support and WiFi 6E compatible router, Windows 11, including the trial version, includes built-in support. Microsoft has more details about the trial version features Website. This blog post also includes a list of known development issues.

To test the first official version of Windows 11, people need to register Windows Insiders Dev Channel does not exist.

As Microsoft officials announced last week, the ability to download official Windows 11 on existing PCs is no guarantee that the same PCs will run the final version of Windows 11, which will launch later this year. Microsoft has raised the hardware requirements for Windows 11, but it has done a terrible job of communicating, so it is not certain whether the existing PC will support the next OS.

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In addition, Microsoft said last week: “By June 24, 2021, all Windows Insulators who have installed Canal Dev buildings on their computers will be allowed to continue to install Windows 11 Insider Preview developments, even if their PC does not meet the minimum hardware requirements. Those who have already downloaded the official Windows 11 framework claim that it will be installed on top of the leaked Windows 11 framework.