June 23, 2024


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A programming competition for primary school students “Tech Kids Grand Prix 2024” will be held.

A programming competition for primary school students “Tech Kids Grand Prix 2024” will be held.

CA Tech Kids has decided to jointly hold the programming competition “Tech Kids Grand Prix 2024” for elementary school students with TV Asahi.

Applications will be accepted from July 1 to September 30 from elementary school students nationwide, and the No. 1 elementary school programmer in Japan will be determined at the final bid held on March 2, 2025.

The competition consists of a `Vision' (the vision: children's dreams and the worldview they want to achieve), a `Product' (the product: creative ideas for realizing dreams and the businesses that embody them), and a `Pitch' (the presentation: the The private arbitration procedure is conducted from three points of view: (1) the company's vision and attitude towards spreading its products in society);

Held every year since 2018, it is the largest programming competition for elementary school students in Japan, with 7,391 entries in 2023 last year. In 2024, we will co-host the event with TV Asahi as a new initiative.

In order to make it easier for anyone to take on the challenge no matter where they are in the country, the competition will be divided into six regions: North Hokkaido, Kanto, Chubu, Kinki, Chugoku-Shikoku, and Kyushu-Okinawa. Grand prize winners will be determined. Representative players selected in the six district qualifying rounds will advance to the finals as finalists.

In addition, we cooperate with local government-sponsored programming competitions as part of the “Tech Kids Grand Prix Regional Collaboration Competition.” Last year, programming competitions were held in 28 regions by province, city, district, town or village. Primary school students living in the provinces and municipalities where the joint competition is held can apply to participate in the local competition and the Tech Kids Grand Prix at the same time.

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Event overview

・Accepting applications starts on July 1 (Monday)
・Application deadline: September 30 (Monday)
・Regional preliminaries from October to December (1st to 3rd examination)
・Regional preliminary finals in January 2025
・March 2, 2025 (Sunday) Final Show
Target: All primary school students (date of birth between April 2, 2012 and April 1, 2018)
Required Entries: Applications and game works developed using computer programming (works that require special hardware, such as robots or electronic work, are not permitted)
Programming language: not specified
Prizes: Grand Prize, Sponsor Prize, etc.
Prize money: Total 1 million yen


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