May 20, 2024


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Xbox Game Store could launch on mobile devices in 2024

Xbox Game Store could launch on mobile devices in 2024

Phil Spencer has confirmed plans for the Xbox to launch its own store on iOS and Android. He also said the company is preparing for when this is legally possible.

in conversation with financial times Spencer said the Digital Markets Act would force Apple and Google to allow its users to access apps from more than just the Google Play Store and app stores. Since it was signed by the European Parliament last year and will enter into force in May, Xbox is preparing to launch its own digital storefront for mobile games.

However, the Xbox could not launch earlier than May, because the law establishes gatekeepers that prevent alternative companies from participating in the digital sales, which will run until March 6, 2024. At that point, we were then able to see the Xbox Games Store on the devices portable.

“We want to be able to deliver Xbox and content from us and third parties on any screen someone wants to play on.” Spencer told the FT: “We want to work towards a world that we think is coming, where these devices will be unlocked.”

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