June 18, 2024


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Lecture. Mother’s Day Winners

From May 25-30, ACAL (Lectour’s Association of Merchants, Craftsmen and Liberals) organized a Mother’s Day game with €1,000 gift vouchers to win.

ACAL congratulates the lucky winners whose names follow: Agnès Aguettaz in Lectoure, Dimitri Bacqua in Lectoure, Virginie Bezombes in Lectoure, Marie-France Bonnet in Lectoure, Christiane Bossa-Pages in Lectoure, Sylvain Bourgeoisgue in Lectoure, Matthieus, and Guy Davas in Lectoure, Jose de Barro in Lectory, Aurea Derat in Lectoure, Lisette Dupuy in Lectoure, Natalie Gubato in Lectoure, Regen Grace in Brandonette, Denis Heineken in Lectoure, Scott-Johnson in Lectoure, Helen Lavack Lectoure, Annick Lefev Fleurance, Gauvek Mesigos in Lectoure, Gwennael Monard in Miradoux, Thierry Noël, Dominique Noguès in Lectoure, Patricia Randot in Lectoure, Marie-Ange Roulie in Lectoure, Audrey Sourbes in Marsolan’, Audrey Vergne in Gaudonville.

It’s up to you to play again…

For Father’s Day, the process is renewed: “From June 14-20, come to Lectory to try your luck again and win too! Papa Shake or Papa Choc, at Lectory for Papa’s Day, you’ll have all options with fanatical Lectourois merchants who welcome you every day In their shop in the shopping arcades of the Intermarché or Faubourg, or on the Nationale up to the Naudet and avenue de la Gare.

A game organized by ACAL 32 Lectoure.

Don’t forget the game “Guess… He won!” Which is always available at participating member merchants. List available on Facebook page: ACAL32 Lectour “