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Itemania 2023: Premiered at Red Bull Gaming World by AMD

Itemania 2023: Premiered at Red Bull Gaming World by AMD

The Red Bull Itemania Cup in Lucerne, Switzerland on July 23, 2022 // Jan Cadosch / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202207230351 // Use for editorial use only //

Red Bull Itemania returns to Red Bull Gaming World by AMD this year. The look remains the same, but the newly renovated location at Verkehrshaus Luzern is new.

Red Bull Itania will be taking place for the sixth time this coming weekend! League of Legends players from various Swiss eSports teams will be back again. The newly polished site, Red Bull Gaming World from AMD, is new.

What is Red Bull Itania?

Red Bull Itemania is a unique tournament format that is radically different from the regular League of Legends modes. At the same time, Summoner’s Rift players can’t decide which usual item builds result in a fully enhanced hero. No, in Itemania the items to be used are drawn at random before each round. What’s new is that entire item groups are excluded for players. Also, after each round, the losing team gets a small but significant advantage in the next round.

The format promises unconventional LoL excitement and, above all, a lot of entertainment. The teams were made up of different players from the Swiss arena, who usually did not play together, but against each other. Not only do they have to adapt to the ever-changing elements, but they also have to devise new strategies with their new teammates.

Team fans can select in advance from the community. The participating teams this year are:

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mYinsanity managed to qualify for the event through the Last Chance Qualifier. In addition to fame and glory, the winning team also receives 2,000 Swiss Francs in prize money.

Where can you watch Red Bull Itemania?

Red Bull Itemania will take place on Saturday, March 25th at AMD’s Red Bull Gaming World, located in Verkehrshaus Luzern. This is the first event in the newly revamped Red Bull Gaming World! Accordingly, it is worth taking a look not only because of the event, but also to see the new location.

You can catch the action live on the Red Bull Switzerland Twitch channel. Broadcast starts at 1:45 pm, and the show begins at 2:00 pm.