June 18, 2024


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‘Barely distinguishable from reality’: new GTA 6 leaks inspire users

‘Barely distinguishable from reality’: new GTA 6 leaks inspire users

Currently, new GTA 6 leaks are causing the gamers to cheer. Read here why.

Many fans were speechless when she saw her On Reddit new leaks To the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto 6. In the screenshots, many users can hardly distinguish the game from reality. The images show that the makers of the Rockstar Games video game series continue to focus on realism during development. No wonder: Fan expectations for such a massive production are enormous Both the graphics and the game itself.

Since there is very little official information about the new blockbuster video game, some fans have become active and have scoured the web in search of leaked game materials. A total of ten screenshots of the new GTA 6 are said to have appeared on the Reddit forum. Scenes from the already well-known “Vice City” are shown very realistically in the images.

Leaks for GTA 6: The Makers Follow Realistic Shooting Style

New GTA 6: The Exhilarating Game leaks have surfaced on Reddit and have fans baffled.

Photo: Reddit

What can be clearly seen in the screenshots and has already been made clear by those familiar with the game is that the makers of GTA 6 want to get as close as possible to photorealism. Therefore, you can hardly distinguish on some of the leaked images, whether it is a picture or a real one.

The environment and surroundings were especially shown in great detail. It should also be noted that the game is still in development and is currently still in a pre-alpha version. So fans can be curious what the game will look like in the final version.

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