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With the technology of artificial intelligence in the strawberry series, Albert Heine ensures less food waste. Fruchtportal

May 26, 2023

Using artificial intelligence (AI) in the strawberry chain, the shelf life of strawberries is accurately predicted. As a result, 70,000 kg of strawberries are thrown away. another step to Albert Heijn’s goal of wasting 50% less food by 2030 than in 2015 is appropriate.

Photo © Albert Heine
Photo © Albert Heine

AI technology is Albert Hagen’s food and technology company. Technological developments play a major role in combating food waste. Artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms are used to further reduce food waste. Through the use of artificial intelligence technology, the strawberry chain from one country to another becomes smarter and more efficient. Until recently, it was not possible to accurately predict shelf life, which is why strawberries were given a standardized shelf life code. In practice, the shelf life of each crop varies, for example due to weather. Now strawberry growers from Albert Heijn’s “Beter voor Natuur & Boer” use a scanner to determine the exact shelf life.

Source: Albert Hagen

Release date: 05/26/2023

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