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Win one of two ROCCAT Vulcan II gaming keyboards – Eurogamer’s Christmas competition December 9, 2023

Win one of two ROCCAT Vulcan II gaming keyboards – Eurogamer’s Christmas competition December 9, 2023

What is the most important touchpoint on a gaming PC? Of course the keyboard. Unless you’re exclusively playing classic adventures, there’s no part of your computer where you connect as much with touch as you do with a keyboard. If your motherboard, CPU, or hard drive is undersized or doesn’t perform well, your PC gaming world doesn’t have to end completely, but if the keyboard doesn’t fit, you can skip the box altogether. in this context: Today’s competition is two ROCCAT Vulcan II gaming keyboards.

Of course the ROCCAT Vulcan II is a mechanical keyboard. It’s a bit strange to be part of a generation that initially only had mechanical keyboards, then was proud of having something different, and finally saw the return of mechanicals. But yeah, it’s still a bit surprising that it happened. But then again, there’s hardly an album that doesn’t appear on a recording, so it’s not uncommon for time and technology to sometimes interact strangely. This and that Titan II converts from ROCCAT It no longer has anything to do with the spring switches before. Quieter, 80+ million passes, factory oiled, gentle 45g release and always reliable. By the way, the switches and caps are compatible with many other cross-mounted caps. So, if you have favorites or like variety, ROCCAT Vulcan II doesn’t just force you to use your own hats.

The covers also feature an interesting lighting concept: thin but stable covers sit on the exposed keys, not completely surrounding them. This is especially good for lighting, because the light is not dim on the sides of the covers, but at the same time the covers are easy to read. Special characters are also illuminated. I will never get over the fact that another manufacturer forgot about this and now I automatically pay attention to it. Uses lighting control ROCCAT AIMO lighting system For dynamic living light between all compatible devices.

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Since some games never have enough functions, and the free design of these functions is also essential, you can do this by switching to game mode, thanks Easy transformation[+] Key duplication technology Easily program and use secondary key functions. ROCCAT Vulcan II offers four on-board profiles that can be saved directly, so you can always access the most important profiles directly. Of course, there are also media buttons and a scroll wheel built into the body’s anodized aluminum panel. In front of this there is also a padded palm rest for long gaming sessions.

ROCCAT Vulcan II is a high-quality, stylish and all-round gaming keyboard with many smart features. We will be giving away two of them in this contest, and if you would like to win one of them, please answer this question by December 26, 2023:

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  • The deadline for participation is December 26, 2023
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  • Eurogamer and Roccat employees are excluded from participation.
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  • Multiple submissions from the same email address will be ignored.
  • If the winner does not respond within four weeks of receiving the winning letter, the prize will go to another entrant.
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  • Legal recourse is excluded.