September 24, 2021


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Marvel / XCOM is set to feature its own superhero creation | Xbox One

We’ve heard about a project that combines the worlds of Marvel and XCOM several months ago. After rumors of a scheduled announcement for E3 2021 reported at the time by Reddit that eventually didn’t happen, new details regarding this app have also surfaced although we have no confirmation.

Being able to create your own superhero, the ultimate dream come true?

Nothing is certain, but as I mentioned VGCIt looks like Jeff Grubb, the journalist at Venture Beat who actually talked about a few weeks ago about the Metroid Prime Trilogy, the title that mixes the Marvel and XCOM worlds already exists and should be officially presented during Gamescom 2021. Since VGC is relayed, Jeff specifies that this project will be Very different from anything the general public in the Marvel universe knows, while adding that we shouldn’t control any current superheroes of the franchise. The focus should actually be on the supernatural elements of the universe.

The game should focus on anything that has to do with the supernatural elements of the Marvel Universe. I don’t know if that means there will be items like Blade, but I think there will definitely be vampires. Having said that, I have no idea if it’s all about the mysterious Marvel characters… but I think we should find these kinds of enemies.

It can be concluded that the supernatural elements probably refer to the aliens from XCOM. As for the superhero we can create, Jeff Grob says:

I think the character we play can be fully customizable, or it will be a customizable team. This is how little XCOM can be, but it’s also why it doesn’t play into any of the inheritance of the franchises involved. Because of this, I think they can consider it something original that belongs to them.

So it would be best to take these statements with caution and hopefully this story will end at Gamescom 2021.

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