February 28, 2024


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Will Apple upend the conventional wisdom of foldable smartphones?  Pioneering technology for the next generation of iPhone – iPhone Mania

Will Apple upend the conventional wisdom of foldable smartphones? Pioneering technology for the next generation of iPhone – iPhone Mania

Foldable iPhone

The screen is not stiff and wrinkled – a revolutionary next-generation product solves these problems with foldable smartphones.iPhonetechnologyappleI found out again that it is under development.

The main points in this article that can be understood in 3 lines
1. Foldable smartphones face many problems such as durability, wrinkles, and expandability.
2. Patented technology obtained by Apple in 2021 allows this problem to be solved by “folding” the screen.
3. Some analysts predict that a combined iPhone and iPad product will be released in 2025.

Foldable smartphones still face many problems

Although the organic EL (OLED) displays used in foldable smartphones are highly flexible, they wear out more quickly than regular panels because they are folded over and over in the same place.

Also, although Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 5, the flagship foldable smartphone, continues to make various improvements, it cannot be denied that even the latest model has noticeable wrinkles on the screen.

In order to solve these problems related to durability and creasing,appleIt is developing a next-generation display that slides and “rolls” instead of folding.iPhoneHe is.

The built-in panel comes out when you pull it with both hands.

Newly acquired Apple“An electronic device with an expandable screen”According to the patent, when you pull the iPhone with both hands, the parts that were fused separate and spread to the left and right.

Patented Apple iPhone foldable technology
Patented Apple iPhone foldable technology

At this time, the gear inside the device rotates and the screen built inside unfolds like a scroll, making it possible to freely adjust the screen width according to the purpose.

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Patented Apple iPhone foldable technology

Since it is not foldable, it not only reduces the stress on the board compared to existing products, but also solves the problem of wrinkles. It goes without saying that the screen size can be adjusted to a greater degree than a bi-fold (half size or full size).

Can we look forward to his appearance in 2025?

Opinions are divided among experts about when a foldable iPhone will appear, with Bloomberg reporter Mark Jarman saying, “I don’t think we are making any progress toward achieving a foldable iPhone or iPad in 2023.” .

On the other hand, Ming-Chi Kuo, a famous and accurate analyst, expects that a product that combines the iPhone and iPad will be released in 2025.

Apple previously obtained a similar patent in 2021 (it was filed in 2020), but the fact that it obtained it again with minor changes shows that the company has probably not given up on developing this technology.