September 24, 2021


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Crazy Android innovation: You can now control your smartphone with your face

Crazy Android innovation: You can now control your smartphone with your face

Google makes control of Android smartphones even more innovative: like Exta developers FoundThe developers have implemented the new “Camera Switches” feature in the latest Android 12 beta version 4. If enabled, users can control their devices using different facial expressions.

The front camera of the cell phone is used to record various facial movements. You can call notifications by opening your mouth or opening the home screen by raising an eyebrow. Actions such as scrolling up or down or opening settings can also be assigned to a smile or view or pages.

When the camera switches are activated, users see a permanent notification on their screen so that they do not forget that the front camera is enabled.

New Android feature: Especially useful for users with physical limitations

Android feature: You can control the smartphone using different facial expressions.

Screenshot: Xda-Developers

As Xda developers have discovered, this feature cannot be used on Android 12 alone. Face control can also be used on smartphones with Android 11 by downloading the latest APK Android Access Tools Give it a try.

While the new feature is primarily a good trick for most users, users with physical limitations in particular may benefit greatly from “camera switches” in the future – especially when it is not possible to use it by hand or only to a limited extent.

It was recently announced that Google will strictly restrict its services to some older versions of Android. Will your device also be affected? Find out here.

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